Phone Insurance

Phone Insurance

It's peace of mind for your new Virgin Mobile iPhone. Enroll as soon as you activate.

Let's face it, stuff happens. Like, you forget your phone at the restaurant. Or you accidentally drop it on the sidewalk. Without insurance, bad luck could cost you big time.

That's why Virgin Mobile has partnered with Brightstar Device Protection (formerly eSecuritel), a leader in device protection, to offer Phone Insurance to our customers.

For $7/month you'll be covered in the event your Virgin Mobile phone is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged—even with liquid—or experiences mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

If something happens to your phone, just file a claim by going to or calling 844-534-3098. Once your claim is approved, you’ll pay a nonrefundable deductible and receive your replacement phone, in some cases in as little as one business day. Simple as that. 

Get Added Protection

The McAfeeTM Mobile Security app includes powerful features that protect your smartphone* and data while you are using it and if it becomes lost or stolen.

It helps guard against viruses and spyware as well as keeps you safe from unsecured wi-fi and malicious websites and social media links. If it becomes lost or stolen, you can issue commands to locate, lock or wipe it and even sound an alarm. The data backup and restore feature helps you remotely preserve and restore data and media before you wipe it.



You'll know you're covered in case something goes wrong with your phone


You'll typically receive a replacement phone within one business day, once your claim is approved. 


To file a claim, simply visit or call 844-534-3098 (6 am to 11 pm CST; 7 days a week). 

To add Phone Insurance, log in to My Account and click the "Service & Usage" tab.

To find your deductible, click here. To see the Phone Insurance brochure, click here for English or click here for Spanish. For full program details and terms and conditions, please visit

The Program is a replacement service provided to customers of Virgin Mobile. This coverage is underwritten by Zurich American Insurance Company. Brightstar Agency, LLC is the licensed agent and Brightstar Device Protection, LLC administers the program. 

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