Virgin Mobile

Stronger, faster service

Coming closer to your home

America's newest network

Virgin Mobile is at your service. We're building an all-new network from the ground up. One with expanded coverage, fewer dropped calls, better call quality and 4G LTE data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.

Expanded 4G LTE markets

We've been expanding our 4G LTE network with the goal of providing faster data speeds in more places where people use their mobile devices. Our all-new 4G LTE Network has nationwide coverage, and this blazing-fast network will let you get more things done in less time. Shop, post photos, share and more. Check out the markets where we've launched 4G LTE and see our growing lineup of LTE phones.


Improved 3G service

What's 3G? It's the third generation of wireless broadband technology. Virgin Mobile, powered by Sprint, is replacing old towers with new, state-of-the-art tools as we work to rebuild the nationwide 3G network. Our enhancements mean you can expect even quicker access to email, the Internet and streaming. You'll have a signal virtually wherever you are, indoors or out, fewer dropped calls and higher call quality.


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