The RE*Generation

Mission Statement


Right now, there are over two million young people who face bouts of homelessness each year in the U.S. Most have been forced from their homes because of circumstances beyond their control. Some manage to make it through school but others are less fortunate, resorting to begging or prostitution just to survive. And homeless kids have different needs than homeless adults - they haven't even had a chance to live their lives yet.

Virgin Mobile, with the help of Virgin Unite, wants to change that. The RE*Generation is our effort to empower a generation to help its own. We're bringing together organizations that care about homeless youth and connecting them with young people who want to help.

And we're making it easy for our customers to take an active role and get involved -- through donating, volunteering, and even text messaging and downloading. With The RE*Generation, one person really can make a difference.


Here's just some of what we've accomplished since June 2006, when The RE*Generation began:

  • 2011 & 2012 Virgin Mobile FreeFest donations helped build the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation House, a transitional living facility for homeless youth in Washington, DC. Developed in partnership with Sasha Bruce Youthwork, the addition of the new RE*Generation House will provide a community of youth in need with not only 24/7 housing, but access to specialized programming around entrepreneurship & urban farming.
  • In April 2010, Virgin Mobile USA received the 2010 Private Sector Award in recognition of its work on behalf of homeless youth. To learn more about this award and read an interview with Dan Schulman, former President of Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid Brands, click here.
  • Since 2009 the outpouring of support for Virgin Mobile FreeFest has provided:
    • 75k hours of community service have been donated to homeless youth.
    • Nearly $800K raised for homeless youth charities.
    • Nearly 25,000 outreach kits created for kids on the street.
    • 1000 pairs of shoes were donated by Converse to youth homelessness.
  • Through your donations and help from our partners, over $7 million worth of cash, volunteered time, and in-kind donations have been invested in building The RE*Generation so far.
  • In 2007, lobbying Congress to officially designated November as "National Homeless Youth Awareness Month" here in the U.S.
  • Over 200,000 items of clothing have been donated through our Txt2Clothe and Blank2Clothe programs.
  • Contributing to over $1 million in matched funding for Youthnoise, with more than 10 million young people reached and more than 300,000 people taking action.

Thanks everyone who's contributed. Please keep those donations coming!

Homeless youth are more at risk for socially unacceptable behavior, inadequate social skills, psychological devastation, and delayed mental or physical development.