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LG Flare

Features an illuminating external LCD screen, Bluetooth® Wireless & more.

What's Included

  • Free Ground Shipping
  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • Lost or Stolen Phone Replacement
  • Free Activation
  • Speakerphone

    Avoid the arm cramp during those long conversations. With speakerphone turned on, you won't have to hold your phone up to your ear the whole time.

  • Bluetooth

    Go hands-free when you connect a headset or other Bluetooth-enabled accessory (sold separately).

  • Screen Size


  • Text Messaging

    Say it all without saying a word. Whether you're in class, at work, on the bus, or just don't have time to talk, it's easy to get your point across with a text message. Send text to any mobile phone or email address.

  • Email & Instant Messaging

    Get the message - wherever you are. Receive your emails and IMs on the go so you can connect with friends even when you're not by your computer. Access all the major instant message and webmail providers. Some phones also feature support for Microsoft® Exchange so you can sync your work email with your phone.

  • Mobile Alerts

    Entertainment headlines, sports scores, hot pix, and other fun stuff - sent right to your phone. Sign up to receive alerts on your phone. Real-time sports scores, Comedy Central's Joke of the Day, MTV News, our hunk/babe of the week, and many more.

  • Surf the Web

    Grab the internet and take it with you. No computer necessary. Browse the web right from your phone. Connect instantly to sites like Google®, Yahoo!®, Facebook®, MySpace™, and more. Get the latest headlines and hotlinks from Virgin Mobile, do a search, or type in your own web address and surf away.

  • Facebook®

    It's Facebook at your fingertips. Stay connected with your friends by uploading photos and notes from your camera phone, updating your status, and browsing profiles. You can also receive and reply to messages, pokes, and Wall posts all right from your web browser.

  • MySpace

    Take your friends with you wherever you go. Don't miss out on a single comment with MySpace on your phone. Keep up on your comments and messages around the clock or update your photos, blogs and more, right from your phone.

  • Connect

    It's all your social connections, all in one place. Link to Facebook®, MySpace™, YouTube™, Flickr®, and more all at the same time. Get updates, alerts, photos, and invites delivered to your phone instantly, all in one place.

  • Mobile Lounge

    Blogs, chat rooms, discussion boards, and more. Mobile Lounge is a mobile-only community that lets you connect with new people through your Virgin Mobile phone.

  • Chat and Date

    Meet new people, share your thoughts, and more. Choose from some of the most popular chat services out there. There's even one specially for Spanish speakers.

    Or choose from millions of potential mates through services like® Mobile, Lavalife®, and Mobilove. There's even a site specially for Spanish speakers.

  • Buddy Beacon

    It's the new way to synchronize your social life. Broadcast your location to your friends and family - and vice versa. Let your friends know where you are, where other friends are, and what you're up to. Turn it on when you're feeling sociable. Turn it off when you're not.

  • Ringtones

    Choose from thousands of 'tones for your phone. Everything from the latest releases to the greatest hits - we've got it all. Songs, voices, sounds, and more. You can even choose different ringtones for different callers.

  • Ringback Tones

    Greet each caller with their very own ring. With Ringback Tones, you decide what callers hear while they wait for you to pick up the phone. Instead of a normal ring, callers can listen to a song, voice clip, or sound effect. Choose from hundreds of songs by your favorite artists.

  • Games

    Get your game on. We've got a huge selection for you to choose from - puzzlers, racing and action games, shoot-em-up's, classics, and more.

  • Graphics

    Ready to upgrade your mobile wardrobe? Your phone should never go naked. Dress it up with your favorite wallpapers and screensavers. Choose from celebs, hot girls, hot guys, sports, TV & movies, one-of-a-kind designs, and a lot more.

  • Studio V

    It's the creative way to fund your phone. Create your own ringtones and wallpapers in Studio V. Customize your phone with your mobile masterpieces or sell them on our website and get money added to your Virgin Mobile cash balance each time someone downloads one of your creations.

  • Music Apps

    With this on-the-go music info at your fingertips, you won't miss a beat. Headliner keeps you connected to music news, concerts, and more. And with Song ID at your fingertips, you'll always know what's playing.


    • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    • Full Color Screen
    • Full Color External Display
    • Text Messaging
    • Mobile Web
    • Speakerphone
    • Voice Dialing
    • Capacitado con menú en Español
    • TTY/TDD Enabled, HAC Rating: M4

What You Get


Battery Life

    Talk time: 3.5 hours
    Standby time: 170 hours (~7 days)


    Dimensions: 3.54" x 1.85" x 0.78" in thick
    Weight: 2.72 oz


Frequently Asked Questions

Want official answers? There's a good chance you can find them here.

How do I send a text message?
Select Menu -> Messaging -> Send message. Select a phone number or email address from one of your contacts, or enter a new address in the Send To field. Then, type in your message and hit Send.

There are six text entry modes: Case Change, Numbers, Normal, Rapid Entry, Add Symbol, Add Smiley. To switch between entering numbers, letters and symbols, select Options and then choose whichever entry mode best fits what you want to type.
How do I download ringtones, graphics, etc?
You can do it from the VirginXL menu on your phone (Menu -> VirginXL) or here on our Web site.
How do I check my balance?
You can instantly check your balance by pressing and holding the up navigation key on your keypad. Or, select Menu -> My Account. You can also check your balance at anytime by logging into My Virgin Mobile.
How do I change the volume of the ringtone/headset/keypad?
Select Menu -> Settings -> Sounds -> Volume and choose the items that would like to change. Adjust the volume within these menus by using the up/down arrow keys.
Will any Bluetooth headset work with my Virgin Mobile phone?
Yes. Any Bluetooth-certified headset should work with your Bluetooth enabled Virgin Mobile phone.

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