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Picture Messaging: Share or receive pix on your camera phone
Share pix with almost anyone who has a camera phone or send pix to their email so they can get your photos on their computers.

How do I use it?
  1. Go to Messaging -> Send picture message.
  2. Select the picture you want to send.
  3. Enter a phone number or email address in the "To" field.
  4. If you want, scroll down and add some text. Or, add an audio clip by highlighting the "Sound" field and then selecting Options -> Record sound.
  5. When you're ready to send it off, hit Send.

How much does it cost?
All Beyond Talk Plans come with Unlimited Messaging, including picture messages. If you're a payLo™ by Virgin Mobile customer on either the Basic Rate or $20/month Talk Plan, picture messages cost 25¢ each to send and receive. payLo by Virgin Mobile's $30/month Talk & Text Plan comes with 1500 messages, including picture messages. Additional picture messages are 25¢ each to send and receive. If you're on one of our older plans that support Messaging Packs, picture messages are included in our Messaging Packs. If you're on one of our older plans and haven't signed up for a Messaging Pack, picture messages cost 25¢ each to send and receive.

IM 2 Text: Send and receive IMs with your buddies on AOL and Yahoo! Messenger via text message
Just click on the links below to get started pinging your buddies from your phone.
AOL IM To Text
Yahoo! Messenger for SMS
Text To Landline: Yup and we will automatically read your message out loud over the phone. For real.
Now you can send text messages to landline phones. Just type in your message, send it off, and we'll read it out loud to the recipient over their landline phone. Simple as that. And the best part is... it costs the same as a normal text message!

How do I use it?
Just type a text message like you normally would and enter the 10-digit landline phone number in the "Send To" field.

When the person answers his or her landline phone, we'll read your message out loud to them.

Once you send your message, you'll receive a confirmation text message letting you know if your message was received. You may also receive a voice reply or a short text reply from the person who received your message. You will be charged your normal text message rate for each confirmation text message and text reply you receive.

Personalize it
You can choose to include a recording of your voice in your Text to Landline messages. Just call 1-781-577-6890 (standard airtime rates apply) and follow the prompts to record your name.

Then, for every Text to Landline message you send, the person receiving it will hear your own recorded voice saying your name before the recorded message: "...has sent you a Text to Landline message."
Mobile Web: Access your favorite sites right from phone.
Click on one of our featured links, do a quick search, or enter a url of your own. If you surf a lot you should choose a Data Pack but if you don't, then you can go with our Basic Rate. See our Plans

How do I use it?
Go to Menu -> Surf the Web.
Choose from one of the links provided or enter a web address of your own.

What if I don't want Web access enabled on my phone?
You can block Web access on your phone by calling Virgin Mobile At Your Service at 1-888-322-1122.