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If you're not working here, you must be bored!

Virgin Mobile USA isn't for everyone.

Virgin Mobile USA isn't for everyone. You have to flourish in an environment where the focus is 100% on our customers. You should desire to look beyond the bottom line and recognize that young people are driving our business. You must also enjoy driving the competition crazy by being part of creating offers that are more compelling and unique than anything that they offer. That means working at 150 mph to stay yards ahead of them. We always want to be the innovators, and leave behind those trying to copy us. It won't matter, by then we'll be onto something else anyway....

To work here, you should enjoy technology and working with data, and have a mind for analytical thinking. You'll need an ability to work very hard and have a lot of endurance. We are not a place where you come to work 9-5. A good sense of humor and ability to not take everything too seriously is going to get you a long way, too.

Being at Virgin Mobile is about wanting to be challenged in your role, not about racing up the corporate ladder. You should be willing to push the boundaries of your job and stretch it as far as it will go so be prepared to shout out when you want more work and responsibility.

You should constantly be thinking about others on your team and other departments in terms of how they may be affected by the work you are doing. It's not all about you. It's about us...it's about our customers.

Finally, it's not just about building the most successful youth wireless network in the USA. You should be fueled by helping others and embrace and champion the pro-social concerns of our customers. We aim to help others in need, and our customers certainly expect us to.

In return you get a wild ride at one of the fastest growing youth-based companies. Sure you get a salary, a performance bonus and benefits and you earn experience that will elevate whatever you've got on your resume at the moment. You also get the chance to work with wireless experts who are re-shaping the industry....and you become part of the legendary Virgin brand.

Don't join us unless you are willing to never give up, give in or cop out.

Are you ready to interview?

If you've been asked to come in for an interview, you'll need to do a few important things before you show up.

First off, no suits please! If you're sporting a tie, you definitely have no idea what Virgin Mobile USA is about. We definitely want to see that you relate to the Virgin vibe. So, glam up a bit!